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She wants me on steroids for serious, but doesn't want me on them constantly.  The inhaled steroid she put me on, Alvesco, has been helping a lot (I blew a 500 on the meter, above my former-best of 450), and she said she wants me on it for two more months, then she'll do another breathing test and start stepping me down, and I shouldn't need it in the warmer weather, basically just for fall and winter.  But I will need it every fall and winter.

Then she asked about my rhinitis and what I take for it (just pseudophedrine--I gave up on the Flonase because of the smell) and she gave me Nasonex, which is a scent-free nasal steroid.  For that one she said just take it for three weeks or so when I'm having a problem, and then go off it again.

It's still not awesome for my bones to be taking all this on top of depo-provera, but right now lungs > bones.  This combo of long steroid-free periods combined with occasionally beating my tissues into submission with shortish courses is ok by me.

Since I was raised Catholic I am already thinking of steroid-free time as "ordinary time."

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