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We have a contractor guy coming to start work on Mike's basement office/workroom tomorrow morning.  We thought he'd be starting in a couple of weeks but he had an unexpected opening in his schedule, which is great, except.  This means almost everything has to be cleared out of the office/workroom (currently the walls are made of sheets & bookcases, but it's full of real live furniture and lots o' stuff) this weekend, and put into
 the study/library/playroom, or anywhere else we can find to put it.  Also the garage had to be substantially cleared out of le junque because they will need someplace to keep drywall etc.

This is not the best day to have 1. our town decide that trick-or-treating goes from noon to eight. EIGHT hours, seriously? 2. Charlie decide that naps are for chumps, so he's not taking one no matter how badly he obviously needs one.  So the work is getting done, but the two hours we planned on both working together to get everything done quickly? Ha ha ha. No chance.  I am putting this kid to bed at 6:30 if he keeps up with the shenanigans, so at least then we'll be able to finish up together.
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So I dug out an outfit a friend had given me for Charlie--an orange jumpsuit with a frankenstein mouse on it that says "Little Monster" and put him in that for day care.   I had worried about having him wear it because of the not-particularly-common usage of "monster" to mean "deformed."   However, I have been told that I sometimes overthink things, so I chilled out about it and put him in the dang outfit, and he looked very cute in it (I will post pictures later tonight or tomorrow). 

I'm glad I dressed him up, and I understood better why the day care ladies expected it.  For one thing, I generally dress Charlie in the cutest clothes I can find, partly because it's fun and partly so people's initial reaction to him is always "OMG CUTE!" instead of "OMG NO HAND!"   For another, this is a large institutional day care with a zillion kids in it--seriously, like 20 infants in two rooms and god knows how many roomsful of older kids, because it's also a kindergarten and before&afterschool program for kids up to age 13.  So EVERYdamnbody was in costume today, because the whole school is having a big party, basically.   They have cameras and take pics of all the kids in their outfits etc.  Who knew?  Some of the other infants weren't in costume but a lot of them were, so it was nice not to screw up and lose Charlie's position as cutest kid ( Although one of the walking babies was wearing jeans and a little t-birds leather jacket and had his hair slicked, so he was actually probably cuter).

But nobody had their kid dressed as an Anne Geddes flower thingy, thank god. 
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Apparently if I don't plan to dress up my 4-month-old for Halloween, I am extremely weird, and possibly also don't love my child.

At least, that's how I'm reading the shocked reactions from the day care ladies when I answer the "are you dressing him up?" question with "I don't know, maybe?" 

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