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Dear self:

When you think you see your child drop a half-prune on the floor, but then when you walk over to clean it up, there is mysteriously no half-prune on the floor, and then later when you notice your shoe is sticking to the foot-rest rung of your chair, DO THE MATH.  *BEFORE* walking all over the house, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
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Me: Charlie, will you put on your special outfit that [birth mom] gave you, and let me take some Birthday pictures?
Charlie: no thank you!
Me: Please? I really want you to.
Charlie: no, I don't want to.
Me: Charlie, if you put on your special outfit and let me take your picture, I will give you candy.
Charlie: Okay Mommy!


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Entire set is here:
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Me: want chip?
Charlie: yah, want chip!
Me: (gives Charlie 3 tortilla chips, starts to put 4th chip in my own mouth)
Charlie: No mine! (grabs my chip, but lets me take one of his)
Me: ok whatever.
Charlie: (eats two chips, then proceeds to take hot-wheels cars and drive over third chip several times until it's smashed.)
Me: ok, that's enough mess (clears away mess).
Charlie: want cracker!
Me: are you going to eat the cracker, or are you going to smash it with your cars?
Charlie: 'mash car.
Me: well, sorry, no cracker.

Sleepy Nap

Jun. 4th, 2011 03:52 pm
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1. new Crocs, not to be parted with for any reason no no want Crocs want Crocs aaaaiiiee

2. As many choo-choos as possible

3. Reluctantly accepted plush animal, made more tolerable by being in form of ball

4. All the binkies, including ones recently found in a drawer that are totally not the right type, so they are lovingly carried around while simultaneously being rejected.
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So. As his fans will recall, Charlie has had a rough few months, with asthma, multiple changes to his allergy and asthma medicine, a pretty regular cycle of vomiting followed by respiratory infections, and ever-increasing rage problems. This is on top of his usual food allergy and eczema issues, poor little guy.
 Pile o' medical updatery behind the cut. )

 To end this on a non-medical note, here is link to a video of Charlie showing off his new rock-climbing skills. Nanna and Grandpa (my parents) very kindly gave us the funds to get him an awesome climber/slide thingy for the back yard, because he outgrew the little one he used last year, but isn't ready for a real swingset just yet. He's doing really well with gross motor skills, and is very pleased with his ability to climb up all by himself.
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Dear little boy,

1. I dislike it extremely when someone pries my mouth open, be it you, the dentist, or shadowy figures in dreams. Knock it off.

2. Apropos of which, that Tums I just stuck in my mouth is MINE and you can't have it, no matter how much you think Tums are yummy or how hard you try to retrieve it. You are on Prevacid now, and I am not. MY TUMS CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH


May. 1st, 2011 08:59 pm
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We have introduced Charlie to Play-Doh.  He is crazy about it, and so far is mainly interested in playing with it in Foreman-Charlie mode, which is where he has me do most of the heavy lifting/actual playing-with while he directs the action and fiddles with the results.  We have a little barn mold thingy (which actually came with the extremely evil Moon Dough, an odious fluffy pervasive messy substance of dryness and evil, banished after one experience) that makes cute little barn animals.  Except it only makes cute little barn animals if the clay-handling person (me) is given enough time to push the clay all the way into the mold before the crank-turning person (Charlie) turns the crank to pop out the little animal.  When not enough time is given, it makes headless Lovecraftian horrors.  Charlie holds these beasties up and Mike and I say "yay! It' animal of some kind!" and Charlie says "yay, animal!"  The chicken mold requires less quickness to get filled up so we do manage a few identifiable chickens among the maybe-horses, maybe-sheep, and maybe-cows.

Today I got a little extruder thingy, in the form of the big bad wolf.  You push the clay into it and it extrudes a tongue, which Charlie finds hilarious, as he should, because it's kind of great.  There are also molds for little piggies who start off fairly Lovecraftian in appearance even when made correctly.  He had no interest in those but made me do the tongue thing over and over.  This resulted in a little pile of long spaghetti-like tongues.  After he had collected a heap of these, Charlie looked at the pile and with a big proud smile said "Snakes!" Then he immediately looked scared, said "Oh NO! I don't want snakes!" and jumped into Mike's lap to get away from them, while we fell over laughing.
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So the morning of the endoscopy, Charlie decided it would be fun to have a temperature of 99 f, so after chatting with the doctor we rescheduled and he got to come home to enjoy his fever, which proceeded to go up to 103 and require stomach-destroying Motrin before the day was done. It went totally away by morning, leaving the destroyed stomach in its wake, along with sleeplessness brought on by taking his Claritin in the evening instead of the morning, the morning medicine-taking interval having been cancelled due to the fasting required by the endoscopy-that-wasn't. Easter weekend with the folks and cousins was, therefore, a little bumpy.  I figure people who see the fresh scratches on my hands and arms will assume that I have a box of feral kittens at home.  

The next fever endoscopy is now scheduled for a week from Friday.

Meanwhile amongst all of the drama and medicine switcheroonism, we forgot to give him his Claritin at all on Saturday, and since he seemed fine we decided to skip it again on Sunday.  Last time we went two days without an antihisthamine he was coughing and miserable pretty rapidly, but so far he is holding steady, so we skipped it again this morning and are going to see if we can carry on like this for a bit.  If he can do without a daily antihistamine, that would be very very nice, because they make him either dopey or ragey or both.

In other news, I cleaned out all of the old expired medicine from our medicine cabinet (AKA the kitchen cupboard over the sink; our collective medicine can't possibly fit in a dinky little medicine cabinet!) and found not one but two bottles of pills that are no longer on the market because of death-causing. Glad neither drug worked well enough for us to consume a whole prescription, I guess...
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Stuff what's been going on with me & mine:

1. Charlie's asthma may be at least partly caused by reflux or esophagitis; ditto the coughing and vomiting. He has been on prevacid for a week and is having an endoscopy on Thursday (argh eek yikes), and is feeling much better from what we can tell so far.

2. Charlie's developmental assessment that we scheduled three months in advance has been rescheduled on us, to sooner, which would be good except instead of being at 9 am it's at 1 pm, AKA naptime. Getting a different appointment=3 more months so we're taking this one. Oh also it's tomorrow, the day before the endoscopy, greeeeeaaaaat. On the plus side we met the doctor in the hall during our (unrelated, but at same facility) GI appointment and I like him so far. With doctors, having a curiosity-provoking kid is convenient--this time we got a free driveby mini assessment.

3. When I get into a "eat healthier" mood one thing I do is eat more beans and less meat. This weekend I had a lovely meal of black beans, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and chips, and then spent the evening wondering why I felt sick in exactly the way that eating soy makes me feel sick. This is because I am a dumbass, and black beans are a close relative of soy, DUMBASS SELF. So now I am sort of trying to map out the legume family, since I have tested allergic to soy and not-allergic to peanuts, and have not been tested for anything in between. Fun! I guess for now this gives me an excuse to eat more steak.

4. What is up with this business of ceasing to be a baby and becoming a little boy? Noooooooooo!!! IMG_9992
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Bouncing on Mommy and Daddy's bed is the greatest thing in the world! 

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Sometimes - most of the time - it's lovely that my son sees me as the prime mover of his universe.  Other times - today particularly - it's not so lovely. 

I really am not the reason your stomach has an owie, sweetie, and I actually do have to pee occasionally, and it is genuinely not my fault that there was no choo-choo on the way to school today.  And smacking me upside the head or clinging to my legs while emitting piercing sounds of woe won't change any of those things.
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Me: Charlie, time to get up!

Charlie: *buries face in mattress*

Me: Come on honey, it's morning.

Charlie: rraaawwwrNO!

Me: *turns on light*


Me: *turns out light*

Charlie: *buries face in matttress*

Mike: Charlie, I've got a ba-ba for you. Want ba ba?

Charlie: *squeezes eyes shut while shaking head*  NO!

Me: Mike, how about I go pack lunch, while you turn on your favorite TV show.

Mike: You mean the one about the steam engine?

Me: Yup.

(Mike and I repair to the front room and the kitchen, respectively)

TV: doo do do do do do do [Thomas The Suck Uppy Tank Engine theme music]

Charlie: *running*  To-nas! To-nas! hooray, To-nas! 

Well, foo.

Mar. 13th, 2011 11:06 pm
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Charlie woke up at 1:30 am (pre-DST-time) and eventually went back to sleep at 5 am (post-DST time) and stayed asleep until 9. Managed to have a playdate with only a couple of meltdowns, then took a nap (half an hour shorter than usual).  Don't recall if there was another meltdown after that or just generally being an asshole - in either case there was hitting, biting, and scratching, also some pushing and bouts of clinginess.  In between all that he took a bath without complaining and was cheery and hypomanic in phases. 

On the good side, this has shown us pretty definitively that his aggressive and moody behaviors come from being tired, period.  The fact that some drugs make him extra tired (benadryl) and that tiredness makes him less verbal also play a part.  Based on what we've seen over the last month, we can say with confidence that good sleep equals good behavior.  This is huge because it means he doesn't have a neurological/developmental problem, or at least not a serious one.

On the bad side, Singulair goes on the no list, because these recent sleep disturbances appear to be tied to taking it.  We stopped giving it today (we had been giving it in the morning, to better monitor its effects and to try to separate it somewhat from sleep, to no avail apparently).  If he's in clear need of it we can probably give it for 3 days or so, but we can't use it for regular maintenance. (We use albuterol for rescue bronchodilation during a flare, but the idea of the other drugs is to prevent flares from happening at all)

On the other good side, there's a possibility that the asthma improvement we've been seeing is really down to taking Tums twice a day, rather than due to things he reacts badly to.  This isn't entirely absurd, because he does have a history of reflux, and his asthma typically manifests as a cough with eventual vomiting, which could easily be GERD.  Also he's been eating us out house and home all week, coinciding with the Tums regimen.

Now I have to decide if my asthma doctor should continue to be his asthma doctor, or if we should go back to the overly busy other asthma doctor who is a genius-by-reputation and was on Mystery Diagnosis and is the regular pulmonolgist at the local Children's hospital.  They both do pediatrics but that's his specialty; her approach to immunology is more to my liking, but his approach to prescribing is a little more nuanced.  Before I take him back to either, though, we'll be seeing the GI specialist, which will inform the rest of the approach, I hope.

Meanwhile I really hope Singulair has a short half-life!  Because this up-in-the-wee-hours horseshit has worn out its welcome, for serious.
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Charlie slept well last night, except for a bad dream at 4 am, from which I was able to rouse him and then settle him again without a problem. However, we prefer to have no bad dreams, at least not medically induced ones, and he still got up a little earlier than he should have, considering that he must have been wiped out from the previous night's shenanigans. So for this morning's dose of Singulair I gave him half a pill instead of a whole one, and We Shall See.  Hopefully we will not go back to having everyone's sleep disurbed by coughing and barfing, as is the case when his asthma is acting up.

On the plus side, his behavior has been so consistent lately that we have dared to engage our teenaged neighbor to come over and babysit him on Saturday, after several months of not daring because we didn't want him to go all slappy on her.   I will be out and Mike will mostly hang around the house and get some things done while Charlie & neighbor get reacquainted.  If it goes well, next time we'll both go out, togther, like a couple of childfree hedonists! 
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Charlie got up at 2:30 this morning.

And stayed up.

Mike got the short straw and has stayed home with him today, since sending a manic toddler to daycare does not produce good results. 

OTOH, Singulair is controlling the hell out of his asthma.

And he did take a nap finally around noon.

And he hasn't been angry or aggressive.

And he's eating well.

Tomorrow morning we'll decide, based on whatever shenanigans occur tonight, if maybe we should cut him back to half a dose.
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1 am

Baby monitor: WAUGH!

Charlie: *knock knock knock*

Charlie OPENS door, CLIMBS into bed next to me.

Me & Mike: Are you ok? Did you have a bad dream? 

Charlie: IGNORES question, FLOPS down on back, SLEEPS.

Me & Mike: *shrug,* SLEEP.

2 am

Charlie: CLUNK

Charlie: BLINKS in bewilderment from new position on floor.

Me: Aaaand this is why little boys in this family sleep in their own beds! How about we go put you in your bed where you have rails to keep you from falling out?

Charlie: (resentfully) Okay.

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Charlie was sick last night.  He's sick a couple of times a month in the same way - coughing at bedtime leading to eventually throwing up, and then a restless night with more coughing.  Either it's reflux causing an asthma attack or asthma causing a reflux attack--we hope the stomach specialist can tell us.  Anyway, on nights like this he spends the later part of the night in bed with us, generally preventing us from sleeping by sticking his feet all over us or mushing a twitchy nerve in my back with the end of his short arm.  And there is fussing, and requests for ba-bas (granted), and requests for TV (denied) and then eventually falling asleep finally for an hour or two before it's time to get up.

This morning he was (finally) sleeping next to me and woke up blearily mumbling at me. "Mommy? Choo choo train, Mommy. Choo Choo train."  I agreed that yes, Choo choo train, and he smiled and went back to sleep.

God, I love that kid.


Mar. 1st, 2011 09:01 am
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Charlie: What doing?

Me: I'm cooking.

Charlie: Oh, yeah, cookie! I want cookie!
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After months of unhappiness and out-of-control temper events, I believe we have an allergy-skin-stomach-temper management regimen that kinda-sorta works for Charlie. I'm writing up the whole situation here partly to share for those who are interested, and partly to record it for Mary-in-six-months when I need to try yet another new regimen and can't remember what does & doesn't work.
Much information about managing of allergy & eczema )

Bonus photo unrelated to all of this stuff: The banana train

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