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What is exactly the thing one wants to do immediately after spending many dollars to have a room built in one's basement?  Replace the water heater, of course! 

The damn thing blew its safety valve last night just as we were getting ready to go to bed.  Large piles of water dumped into the brand-new carpet in Mike's office, OF COURSE, because the water heater is just on the other side of an access door from the office.  Fortunately I have one of those pseudo-steam carpet cleaners, which is a champ at sucking water out of a carpet, and since it was clean water, we should be ok on that front. But SHEESH.

Also fortunately, we have a coffee maker that heats water rapidly, so I got to wash my hair with (some) hot water this morning. SHEESH.  The new water heater is in place and doing its thing now, so that's a very good thing, and we even still have a leetle bit of money in the bank for whatever breaks next, as long as whatever breaks next is VERY SMALL, so we are fortunate and we know it. But even so, I say SHEESH. 
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