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For me, total soy avoidance (I have soy allergy plus intolerance, whee) was impossible until I lined up a set of convenience foods, packaged foods, snacky wags, treats, and sandwichy things so that I can continue to eat like crap while respecting my allergy.  For those who may be looking, here's stuff you can buy that is soy-free.  I'm not talking about cooking here, just buying stuff and possibly assembling it

Salad dressing:  Brianna's - every flavor I've looked at is Soy-free, and they taste good

Mayonnaise: Hellman's Canola Oil Mayonnaise

Tuna Fish: Starkist Yellow Fin Tuna in Olive Oil  (note: "vegetable broth" means soy, usually, so most leading-brand Tuna has soy. Also, broth-free tuna packed in plain water is flavorless, and tuna in regular oil is gross and that's probably soy oil anyway.  So tuna in olive oil is the way to go.)

Peanut Butter: JIF Natural

Bread:  Panera Country White Miche.  You have to go to a Panera to get this, so this might just be a midwestern thing.  I get a loaf and put subsets into ziploc pairs and freeze them, then defrost them in the microwave and toast them to make sandwiches. (I don't get sandwiches made at Panera because they would use normal mayo, alas).

Chocolate: Equal Exchange milk chocolate with hazelnut from Whole Foods.  This is the only milk chocolate in the entire united states that is soy-free, I think.   

Chips: Garden of Eatin Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Crunchies:  Pirate's booty white chedder puffs

French Fries:  Five Guys fries (the awesomest fries in the world) or fries from anywhere else that makes 'em in peanut oil.

Microwave Mac & Cheese:  Velveeta  Shells & Cheese cup

Microwave Pasta: Barilla Pasta Thingies, they just started distributing these so I don't remember the name but they're not bad.

I am still on the lookout for soy-free packaged cookies, pizza (frozen or fresh) , and any kind of frozen dinner.

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