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1. Little boy, I am sympathetic to your fear of elevators and your declaring the crowded-n-dank elevators in this particular parking garage "too scaawy." I am so sympathetic to this that I don't mind walking up one flight of stairs with you and then pushing your stroller up an additional three floors of parking ramp, although my butt muscles definitely do mind. However, complaining during our climb that you want to go faster and get to the car sooner is SIMPLY NOT ON.

2. Lady in stairwell, I am sympathetic to your wanting to walk faster than a distracted 3-year-old when going up a crowded stair with lots of people behind us. I think passing us on the left is completely appropriate, which is why I made encouraging motions to all behind me to do precisely that. However, deciding that the lady on the left is also too slow, weaving around her between me and my child, and in the process sideswiping said child? Will result in a polite request from me of "how about you try not to knock my kid down the stairs, okay?" And MUCH ILL WILL, you freaking speed freak. (Fortunately he has the mass of a small planet at this point, so he kept his footing)
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