Jun. 3rd, 2011

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1. I've had reflux for at least a decade, and sometimes I can make it go away by religious adherence to both allergy-diet and reflux-diet, but I am not inherently religious, and I just really have to have caffeine and albuterol, both of which relax the esophagus. So reflux is a fact of my life, and sometimes it's really really bad and gives me bad asthma to boot. (Just like Charlie, which is what helped me to guess what was happening with him) I've never switched off of Zantac onto a PPI like Prilosec despite my reflux-having brother telling me how awesome Prilosec is, because I literally can't go a day without Zantac. Thanks to the reading I've been doing about Charlie's prevacid and general approaches to GERD for toddlers, however, I've discovered that a lot of people take both a PPI and Zantac, just at opposite ends of the day.

So, during a bad bout last week I decided to steal one of Charlie's prevacids just to see. And OMG. Reflux totally went away for 24 hours. I promptly went out and got the OTC version--same strength, just in capsule form instead of meltaway form--and have been on it for about 4 days, and seriously? I didn't know I was capable of feeling this good. The only oddities so far are that I don't seem to get a chemical signal telling me I'm getting full, so the difference between "hm, still a little peckish, think I'll have some more" and "BLARGH SO FULL OOF BLARGH" is like 2 bites. The other is that I no longer seem to drink a lake's worth of beverage with every meal, because I'm not having a hard time swallowing food, apparently. So now I get to discover if I have some sort of brain signal that tells me when I'm thirsty. Also I will need to start taking a proper calcium supplement because I'm not eating 6-8 tums a day (it's usually not that bad, but the past couple of weeks were ridic.)

2. I got my very first bone density scan, and my bone density is way in the positive numbers, yay, so I am not currently headed toward osteoporosis or even osteopenia. This means I can stay on (potentially bone-eating) depo-provera, which in turn means I can keep my (jerkface) internal lady parts for the time being, since on DP they continue their slumber and don't bother me with their nonsense. This makes my heart, in the cardiac sense, happy. So hooray all around. My right hip is somewhat denser than my left hip which I blame on Charlie--I always carry him on my left and I think my bones on that side are being cowed into submission by his heaviness (43 pounds now). To think I used to play "Bonecracker" on the ipod for him when he was a wee 20-something pounds.

3. After going in the sun I got some small discolored patches on my arms, conveniently the day before going to the doctor for other stuff, so I showed them to her and she said they're caused by sun+yeast. Apparently my arms have been eating cupcakes and taking antibiotics while I wasn't looking. The treatment is to wash my arms with Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo (b/c it has selenium sulfide in it), which is weird but fine, if it works. So I got some and it's not blue nowadays; more of a blue-tinged green. In my flailing about with the stuff I splashed a bunch on the wall of the shower and my geek brain went "hey, it looks like I just murdered Spock in here!"

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