May. 1st, 2011


May. 1st, 2011 08:59 pm
marydell: My hand holding a medusa head sculpture (by me) that's missing its snakes (Default)
We have introduced Charlie to Play-Doh.  He is crazy about it, and so far is mainly interested in playing with it in Foreman-Charlie mode, which is where he has me do most of the heavy lifting/actual playing-with while he directs the action and fiddles with the results.  We have a little barn mold thingy (which actually came with the extremely evil Moon Dough, an odious fluffy pervasive messy substance of dryness and evil, banished after one experience) that makes cute little barn animals.  Except it only makes cute little barn animals if the clay-handling person (me) is given enough time to push the clay all the way into the mold before the crank-turning person (Charlie) turns the crank to pop out the little animal.  When not enough time is given, it makes headless Lovecraftian horrors.  Charlie holds these beasties up and Mike and I say "yay! It' animal of some kind!" and Charlie says "yay, animal!"  The chicken mold requires less quickness to get filled up so we do manage a few identifiable chickens among the maybe-horses, maybe-sheep, and maybe-cows.

Today I got a little extruder thingy, in the form of the big bad wolf.  You push the clay into it and it extrudes a tongue, which Charlie finds hilarious, as he should, because it's kind of great.  There are also molds for little piggies who start off fairly Lovecraftian in appearance even when made correctly.  He had no interest in those but made me do the tongue thing over and over.  This resulted in a little pile of long spaghetti-like tongues.  After he had collected a heap of these, Charlie looked at the pile and with a big proud smile said "Snakes!" Then he immediately looked scared, said "Oh NO! I don't want snakes!" and jumped into Mike's lap to get away from them, while we fell over laughing.

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