Apr. 25th, 2011

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So the morning of the endoscopy, Charlie decided it would be fun to have a temperature of 99 f, so after chatting with the doctor we rescheduled and he got to come home to enjoy his fever, which proceeded to go up to 103 and require stomach-destroying Motrin before the day was done. It went totally away by morning, leaving the destroyed stomach in its wake, along with sleeplessness brought on by taking his Claritin in the evening instead of the morning, the morning medicine-taking interval having been cancelled due to the fasting required by the endoscopy-that-wasn't. Easter weekend with the folks and cousins was, therefore, a little bumpy.  I figure people who see the fresh scratches on my hands and arms will assume that I have a box of feral kittens at home.  

The next fever endoscopy is now scheduled for a week from Friday.

Meanwhile amongst all of the drama and medicine switcheroonism, we forgot to give him his Claritin at all on Saturday, and since he seemed fine we decided to skip it again on Sunday.  Last time we went two days without an antihisthamine he was coughing and miserable pretty rapidly, but so far he is holding steady, so we skipped it again this morning and are going to see if we can carry on like this for a bit.  If he can do without a daily antihistamine, that would be very very nice, because they make him either dopey or ragey or both.

In other news, I cleaned out all of the old expired medicine from our medicine cabinet (AKA the kitchen cupboard over the sink; our collective medicine can't possibly fit in a dinky little medicine cabinet!) and found not one but two bottles of pills that are no longer on the market because of death-causing. Glad neither drug worked well enough for us to consume a whole prescription, I guess...

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