Apr. 19th, 2011

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Stuff what's been going on with me & mine:

1. Charlie's asthma may be at least partly caused by reflux or esophagitis; ditto the coughing and vomiting. He has been on prevacid for a week and is having an endoscopy on Thursday (argh eek yikes), and is feeling much better from what we can tell so far.

2. Charlie's developmental assessment that we scheduled three months in advance has been rescheduled on us, to sooner, which would be good except instead of being at 9 am it's at 1 pm, AKA naptime. Getting a different appointment=3 more months so we're taking this one. Oh also it's tomorrow, the day before the endoscopy, greeeeeaaaaat. On the plus side we met the doctor in the hall during our (unrelated, but at same facility) GI appointment and I like him so far. With doctors, having a curiosity-provoking kid is convenient--this time we got a free driveby mini assessment.

3. When I get into a "eat healthier" mood one thing I do is eat more beans and less meat. This weekend I had a lovely meal of black beans, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and chips, and then spent the evening wondering why I felt sick in exactly the way that eating soy makes me feel sick. This is because I am a dumbass, and black beans are a close relative of soy, DUMBASS SELF. So now I am sort of trying to map out the legume family, since I have tested allergic to soy and not-allergic to peanuts, and have not been tested for anything in between. Fun! I guess for now this gives me an excuse to eat more steak.

4. What is up with this business of ceasing to be a baby and becoming a little boy? Noooooooooo!!! IMG_9992

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