Jan. 5th, 2011

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Most of you probably know that I'm very pro-vaccine. In particular, I personally love the flu shot and want everyone to get it, since Charlie is allergic to the egg it's cultured in and therefore has to rely on herd immunity to avoid flu (he gets all the other vaccines), and this is most likely true of other members of our particular herd, as well as our larger community, nation, and so forth.

So I'm enjoying seeing how pharmacies and stores with pharmacies in them are flagrantly pimping the flu shot.  A few weeks ago at Jewel (the leading big grocery around here) I was buying apples. There was a sign by the apples saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a flu shot will keep you healthy all year! Available in the pharmacy!"  And today at CVS the red-light-bulb sign outside was showing "get a flu shot and receive 10% off your entire CVS purchase!"

I feel hopeful that the power of retail pushiness is one thing that can overwhelm the power of Andrew Wakefield's lies (thanks to haddayr for the link).  I really look forward to a day when not getting a flu shot in the fall is looked on as the risky choice.  I also look forward to a day when kids are no longer dying of whooping cough--you know, like the good old days back when I was a kid and we talked about stuff like the possibility of eradicating the classic infectious diseases, instead of talking about containing them like we're doing now.  But that may be too much to hope for, until WalMart opens a pediatrics clinic, anyway.

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