Jan. 2nd, 2011

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I caught the last hour of The Stand on tv tonight. I love this miniseries despite its assorted problems, and have seen it a lot. I read the book once, too, back in the 80s before it got its director's cut, and liked it a lot but not enough to reread either the old or new version. So perhaps he book addresses the things that bug me in the miniseries, but maybe not.

Anyway, stuff that bugged me this time around:

Flagg and co decide to set up in Las Vegas, a place with no natural resources. Where are they getting their food and water? imported from Boulder, perhaps? Note: movie Mordor has this same problem.

The dude who isn't Larry and isn't the old fella tells the Vegas-ites that Flagg is an "apostate of Hell." wouldn't that make Flagg...an angel? Or at least not as bad as a Hell-loyalist.

Molly Ringwald's baby has the flu and is expected to die, so she and Stu sit in the waiting room making plans for her NEXT baby. CREEPY. When the baby pulls through, everyone is happy and they show it by standing outside the nursery and looking through the glass at the baby. At no point do we see anyone hold the baby, and in fact the only person who even talks to the baby is a ghost.

If you make your stand so people can witness you making a stand, and all the witnesses die, did you really Stand?

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