Sep. 27th, 2010 09:34 am
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Mike is sort of recovering from a bad round of bronchitis, and I am sort of fending off the same bronchitis, but it's still an open question for both of us as to whether a pile of augmentin will be needed soon (Mike has already gone through a round of amoxycillin and a z-pack). We're both walking around the house clutching our identical red albuterol inhalers and periodically coughing up a lung.  Charlie is healthy, hooray, but he gets upset whenever either of us coughs.  This gets us a lot of free hugs from him, but also means he is touchy and cranky.  He expressed this by staying up fussin' and fightin' for 2 hours after going to bed, with lots of sitting on Mommy and resting his eyes, but refusing to sleep.  He finally went to sleep around 9, I went to sleep around 10, and then got paged 3 times from work with FYI messages about a system that isn't my problem (since I'm part of the incident response team, I get FYIs until 11 pm regardless. Grr.)

Then this morning he didn't want to put on pants, and expressed this by smacking and biting us.  We finally stuck the TV on so we could get him dressed while he was in a choo-choo-video induced trance.  

So, the stuff I was planning to do last night didn't get done; I was an hour late to work this morning, and I feel like shit.  I'm sure today will be super productive.
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I have heartburn and my ouchies on my neck and head are ouchie.  And I was virtuous today and ate stir-fry for lunch/dinner, so I should not have heartburn wtf.  What is that white liquid they mix into the stir-fry at Stir Crazy (one of those we-wok-it-while-u-watch joints)? I'm going to say it's wheatmilk. Not that such a thing exists but something in the goddamn stir fry was definitely wheat or milk, or I wouldn't have heartburn because I ate nothing else today besides corn chips and diet coke, which I tolerate as if it was liquid antihisthamine. Grump, grump.

However, I have netflix waiting on the TeeVee with lovely Rupert Penry Jones in MI-5/Spooks, and I have some safely boring guacamole (no jalapeno in this brand, oddly) and more corn chips to keep me company along with it, so all shall be well.
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I can't find my peak flow meter and the mold spore count around here is like eleventy-zillion, and I've been coughing since last night.  Since I have coughing-variant asthma instead of normal-variant wheezing asthma, it's hard to be sure when I'm having an asthma attack, since coughing can mean all kinds of things.  If I had my peak flow meter, I would know which medicine to take and how often, instead of just going eeny-meeny-miny-mo over my two inhaler options and guessing.  If I had enough wind I could go pull out all the containers by my desk and see where I put the fracking thing.  It's not terrible--even when I'm doing badly I blow above 300 on the meter--but it's damned annoying.  Cough cough. Whine.
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Depo-provera is taken on a 12-week cycle.  I need to tweak my planning a bit, because my calendar reminder does not come up early enough (because of my dumbness in choosing the reminder pattern) for me to get an appointment for the next shot *inside* the 12 weeks.  The nurse said that there's a week of wiggle room--words to that effect, I don't remember what she said, because I'm TOO TIRED.   I didn't know that the endometriosis was making me fatigued until I started taking Provera and the fatigue went away (along with my periods, WOO HOO).  It creeps up again right toward the end of the cycle. I'm getting the shot on Thursday, which will be fine, but that will make it 13 weeks, including a week and a half of fatigue, bad skin, and random twinges. Next time I will wiggle that wiggle-room week over to the 11-week side of things and possibly stave off some of that.

I have a nice lovely stretch of hours to get things done in this evening, where I am not on Charlie duty for most of it (having had a full roster of him for most of the weekend), and I really want to get some things done, since next weekend I'll be working. But I suspect I'll just play Peggle instead. FEH.


Apr. 13th, 2009 10:27 am
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I've been peeling a lot of fresh food lately in order to make baby food for Charlie (long story; that'll be another post).  Though I am not a cooky type of person I was raised by an Irish-American mother, so I can peel stuff all day long without injuring myself.  I'm nervous handling sharp things so I tend to remind myself of basic peeling rules - peel away from yourself, keep an awareness of where your fingers are, make sure not to wrap your holding fingers too far around the potato/apple/etc or they'll be in the path of the peeler.

Unfortunately I apparently never learned to pay attention while WASHING the damn peeler, so I cut the fuck outaa my right thumb on Friday night.  I didn't need stitches but I did need wound tape, and it's just now getting so I can use it without cussing unreasonably.

Not using my thumb made me somewhat more awkward than usual, so I managed to nick the inside of my right index-finger first knuckle with a plastic thingy while removing tags from new baby clothes.  Bandaided and moved on.

Overcompensating to use my left hand more than my right while slinging my enormous baby around throughout easter weekend seems to have strained a tendon or something in my left-hand middle finger, rendering me unable to extend it all the way without pain, which in turn makes it harder for me to flip off the vegetable peeler, the plastic clothing tag thingies, and my right hand as a whole, when they CLEARLY all need flipping off.  I put a cold pack on that hand for a half hour last night and today it's mainly just achey.  


Tonight I get to try to peel & chop some apples, since Charlie is all out of applesauce.  I'm sure that will go well.  If I'm offline for a few days you can assume I'm using my teeth to put bandaids on my remaining appendages. 
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1. When I slipped on the ice this morning, I fell gracefully, and was not injured.
2. When my husband got in an ice-related car accident this morning, he was not injured, the car was not totalled, and my son had just been placed safely in daycare for the day so was not involved in the accident at all.
3. When my 81-year-old father slipped on the ice this morning, he landed reasonably well, and suffered only a twisted ankle
4. When the water from the melting ice started coming into my basement through the wall, it ruined only a couple of replaceable prints, and not any of my signed or antique ones. 

Through force of will, this is how I am choosing to see my day, instead of melting into a puddle of woe.  Since there are melted puddles enough hereabouts.
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Reason #1 food is not my friend is, of course, that it doesn't respect my boundaries. We've had a good time together over the years, but it has insisted on making me fat, despite my repeated explanations that I'd prefer to stay slender.

Reason #2, and the real problem at the moment, is that I'm allergic to it. Not all of it, just the stuff I like. Whining continues )

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