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Oct. 3rd, 2011 08:13 pm
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I generally try not to invent rules for the boy when I'm upset about something he's done, as that tends to lead to overly punitive and specific rules like no more spumoni on Tuesdays. That said, I stand by last night's new rule: if you want to sleep upside down with your feet on the pillow, you need to go do that in your own bed, not mine.

Also when Mommy says "ow, you kicked me in the face," you are not allowed to laugh.


Apr. 27th, 2011 08:43 am
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Is a barometer a useful thing?  I'm interested in having something I can look at to see how much Advil I should take on a given day.

Also, is anything going to make this fucking awful weather go away ever? 
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I was carrying Charlie to his bed to put him in it, and thanks to my clunky ortho-friendly shoes I turned my ankle and fell down, dropping Charlie on the floor and hitting my shoulder and the back of my head on his play table.  He is fine, although he was very startled and needed much comforting. I am less fine, although it is not a serious head injury, just a bump on the noggin, but I'm rattled and it hurt like a mofo for a half hour, and is tender.

I've been checking my pupils every half hour or so, and I'm staying up for a while, and then husband and I will be getting up in a few hours to check my coherence and sanity and stuff.  I don't expect them to be any worse than usual but I'm doing exactly what the first aid thingies say to do.

WTF, this week? 
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Charlie turned out not to be upset after getting bit on Friday, yay! However, he bit me on the boob Saturday for no particular reason--I think he was just a little excited from having a lot of cousins around and wanted me to put him on my lap.  Then he tried to do it again on Sunday when he was mad at me, but I was too quick for him.  This proves that 1. formula-feeding does not provide 100% protection against boob-biting, although 99% is fine and I'll take it,  2. toddlers mimic the behavior of other toddlers  3. as I have mentioned before, two-year-olds suck.  At least occasionally.  Other than that he was very sweet all weekend despite road-tripping and hotel-staying and other upsets.  So I expect he'll knock off the biting within a day or so and go back to just slapping me like normal.
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So I have chronic esophagitis, probably this version, although since I'm not in the mood for a biopsy I don't know for sure; maybe it's just garden-variety allergic esophagitis.  medical stuff )


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I have a big red scratch right in the middle of my upper chest, that shows I have been a BAD MOMMY.  

What did I do wrong?  Well, I failed to prevent Charlie from 1. cutting molars 2. having a sore throat 3. being constipated 4. having a fever. Clearly these things are MY FAULT so I must be not only punished but BRANDED.  At least, I assume that is why he spent 10 minutes alternately hugging me and scratching the shit out of me.  

Poor little lamb is sleeping now, thank goodness. *goes to pet sleeping Charlie*
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Parenting a young child involves getting smacked in the face a LOT.
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Charlie is somewhat on the mend, but still feels like crap today.  Although he's 18 months old, he's still mainly pre-verbal, and he also isn't good at pointing to things, so he has a hard time communicating what he does and doesn't want.  We opted not to teach him baby sign language because some of the signs require more hands than he's got, and all of them require more motor skills than he's got.  He, however, has cleverly developed his own signs to let me know what he's thinking.

1. Slapping my glasses off of my head, followed by a beaming smile:  "You're pretty, Mommy!"

2. Frowning and slapping my face, neck, chest, or whatever else is handy: "You suck, Mommy! No I will not take a nap! Fuck naps!" 

3. Biting my arm:  "What do you mean, 'no hitting???' Bring your face back in range so I can slap it some more!" 

4. Scratching my face, neck, chest, etc.  "Hey, I was playing with that toy, damn it! Also,  you suck!" 

5. Biting his own hand:  "Rarrrgh!!!  Hulk Angry!!!! Fuck your attempts to sooth me and the horsie they rode in on! Raaargh!!"

Thanks to the flu or whatever this is,* he has been getting a lot of practice with these signs today.  We're thinking he's got a headache on top of the rest of the troubles.  I was a little bit too delighted when putting him to bed just now, I confess.

*Doc listened to his lungs and decided to test him for RSV, Strep and a bunch of other stuff, and to give him an antibiotic to take until the results come back, just in case, since she heard a couple of "little things going on in there."  Yay doctor.
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Last night: 

Mike: what do you want for dinner?
Me: I don't care as long as it doesn't make me sick.  I've had heartburn for 2 nights in a row.
Mike: then Portillo's is out.
Me: Wait, they have a grilled tuna sandwich, that never makes me sick.
(Tuna sandwich is acquired and eaten).

Commencing at 4 am today: 

Food poisoning, apparently. Or an extreme intolerance to something in the sandwich. SON. OF. A. BITCH.

Lesson: do not speak aloud of your hopes for not being sick, lest the spirits poison your tuna.
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So the ear doctor was very cool, and after looking at my ears and sending me for a quick test with the audiologist (pancake, sidewalk, icecream...can't they ever use different words?) said that my ears have fluid in them and that there are two ways to take care of it.  1. Medicine including steriods 2. Tubes.  I picked option 2 and am scheduled to have the procedure first thing tomorrow morning.  For adults it's done in the office with a local anasthetic, and I can drive and work afterwards, which is good because I have hardly any vacation time left, so I'd prefer not to burn a whole day for this.

Basically the process involves holding still while he puts a little nick in the eardrum, suctions it (ew), and then inserts a tiny plastic tube with a flange on the outer end.  You wouldn't think a girl with 6 earring holes and 4 tattoos would be nervous about having to stay still while someone does owie things to me, but I am - I'm afraid I'll flinch and cause a problem.   For dental things of this nature I take a valium beforehand, but for the ear thing I'm just indulging in various soothing & bad-for-me foods.   Haven't decided what to have for dinner tonight but ribs from Portillo's are sounding good.

Last night I kept dreaming about children in my care being in danger.  Like, in one dream we moved into a house with a pool that didn't have any fencing or covering, and then I dreamed that I had my youngest nephew in the car but had accidentally put him in his stroller instead of in his car seat, so when I stopped the car the stroller rolled out into the street with him in it.  I retrieved him safely--no children were harmed in any of my dreams, but I kept dreaming about being very anxious about children.  I think this must be related to the tubes thing--Charlie just got them a couple of months ago, which was worrisome, and when I had them as a child the experience was always bad--getting them, I mean; having them was always great but the surgeries were difficult for various reasons.  Anyway I'm not sure quite how the dreams related but I'm assuming they do. 


Aug. 3rd, 2009 12:11 pm
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"Trouper" has been replaced in our family lexicon with "punk."

When Charlie was an infant, we often would say "he's/you're being such a trouper!" because he had to put up with a whole lot in the way of needles, skin lotions and potions, medicines, nose-suckers, nebulizers, etc, as well as having a constant itchy rash for 4 months, and he generally was compliant and not very tearful about it, even when he was feeling crappy and being forced to keep his hand covered all day (to prevent scratching...eczema sucks).

Now his health is much better, so the number of skin products required daily is much lower, and putting them on is faster, and his rashes clear up quickly and don't cause too much discomfort.  Also we mostly only have to wipe his nose when he's sneezy, instead of sucking it out 4 times a day to prevent respiratory & ear infections.  Unfortunately he's also 13 months old so he's learned how to throw a proper hissy fit, complete with flailing and whacking his head into people, over anything that he doesn't enjoy or that prevents him from doing whatever he's fixated on at the moment.  In the process of trying to avoid having his nose wiped this morning he jerked his head backwards, hit me in the jaw, and totally rang my clock.

He's being such a punk!

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Hi ladies and people who know ladies,

Anyone out there using depo-provera?  Any stories or knowledge to share?  Horror stories, happy stories, whatever.

Note: I am infertile, so I don't personally care if it actually works for preventing pregnancy...I want it to fix my goddamn debilitating cramps, preferably by nuking my period entirely.   For this reason I might go for the higher-dose option of the two available types, depending.  But please feel free to talk about efficacy anyway since I assume other folks reading this will consider that an important data point.


Apr. 13th, 2009 10:27 am
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I've been peeling a lot of fresh food lately in order to make baby food for Charlie (long story; that'll be another post).  Though I am not a cooky type of person I was raised by an Irish-American mother, so I can peel stuff all day long without injuring myself.  I'm nervous handling sharp things so I tend to remind myself of basic peeling rules - peel away from yourself, keep an awareness of where your fingers are, make sure not to wrap your holding fingers too far around the potato/apple/etc or they'll be in the path of the peeler.

Unfortunately I apparently never learned to pay attention while WASHING the damn peeler, so I cut the fuck outaa my right thumb on Friday night.  I didn't need stitches but I did need wound tape, and it's just now getting so I can use it without cussing unreasonably.

Not using my thumb made me somewhat more awkward than usual, so I managed to nick the inside of my right index-finger first knuckle with a plastic thingy while removing tags from new baby clothes.  Bandaided and moved on.

Overcompensating to use my left hand more than my right while slinging my enormous baby around throughout easter weekend seems to have strained a tendon or something in my left-hand middle finger, rendering me unable to extend it all the way without pain, which in turn makes it harder for me to flip off the vegetable peeler, the plastic clothing tag thingies, and my right hand as a whole, when they CLEARLY all need flipping off.  I put a cold pack on that hand for a half hour last night and today it's mainly just achey.  


Tonight I get to try to peel & chop some apples, since Charlie is all out of applesauce.  I'm sure that will go well.  If I'm offline for a few days you can assume I'm using my teeth to put bandaids on my remaining appendages. 
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In the past 24 hours I have reduced my caffeine intake by, um, some amount beyond what is comfortable.  Half or 2/3 I think.

I did not make the proportionate uptick in my advil consumption until just now, since I didn't have a bad headache...until just now.  Ow. 

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