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What is exactly the thing one wants to do immediately after spending many dollars to have a room built in one's basement?  Replace the water heater, of course! 

The damn thing blew its safety valve last night just as we were getting ready to go to bed.  Large piles of water dumped into the brand-new carpet in Mike's office, OF COURSE, because the water heater is just on the other side of an access door from the office.  Fortunately I have one of those pseudo-steam carpet cleaners, which is a champ at sucking water out of a carpet, and since it was clean water, we should be ok on that front. But SHEESH.

Also fortunately, we have a coffee maker that heats water rapidly, so I got to wash my hair with (some) hot water this morning. SHEESH.  The new water heater is in place and doing its thing now, so that's a very good thing, and we even still have a leetle bit of money in the bank for whatever breaks next, as long as whatever breaks next is VERY SMALL, so we are fortunate and we know it. But even so, I say SHEESH. 


Nov. 15th, 2010 08:09 pm
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I found myself listening to ringside's song "struggle" over and over in the car today. "I just want to move ahead, I just want to free myself but it's a struggle, i just want to lay in bed, i just want to be myself, but its a struggle...".

With my personal space all discombobulated by the basement work, and the attendant busyness as we paint and pick carpeting and so forth, I'm having trouble assessing my mental and emotional state. On the one hand I feel okay, but then I get these moments where I'm drifty and anxious, and then I'm busy again and back to assuming I'm okay. And in the grand scheme I am okay, but I work pretty hard to have an ordinary, routine-based life in which my cage is not rattled, because that is the foundation of my sanity. So I think it will be good when the build is all done and I can have my desk back and put the library in order, and when Mike can work at his desk again instead of in the kitchen, since he is also one who likes his routines. Thus far the focus has been to normalize the situation for Charlie as mich as possible, so I reconstruct his play area in the evenings after the guys are gone for the night, which has worked ok, but he will be glad when it's done too.


Nov. 11th, 2010 03:43 pm
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The drywall is all up for Mike's new basement office, which means that my currently-shamblified basement study has a nice long wall that I can put bookcases against.  Instead of the wall being made OF bookcases, as previously.   I started priming last night and hopefully will finish it tonight, and maybe also will get to put part of a coat of paint up.  The guys are coming back to finish the room next week - ceiling, carpet, trim, and door installation.  They're working on a real job site right now which is why I'm doing the painting, just to keep things on track and save a little money. 

Anyway Mike's office is going to be white, but I'm painting my bookcase wall a sort of goldenrod yellow, and I'm going to take the cardboard backs off of the bookcases and attach the backless bookcases to the wall in an unbroken row, so hopefully it will look sort of like a builtin, or at least hopefully will look cool.  I'm very excited about the color I picked so I hope it all turns out like it looks in my head right now!  We shall see. I'll post pics once everything is done.

This week

Nov. 4th, 2010 01:25 pm
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There are dudes in the basement building out Mike's office & tool/hobby room, so nearly everything that was living in the space that constituted Mike's demesne before is now in the front of the basement, which is my and Charlie's demesne.  This means I have a little corner of dressing room, very little access to the library/study part of things, and Charlie can't play down there at all because of discombobulation and random shards of metal and building materials.

Saturday, my parents are coming to visit--Mike is driving down to Indiana to get them and bring them up, and will reverse the procedure on Monday--and on Sunday we are baptizing Charlie and having a very wee party to celebrate. I don't believe I've been to the church where we're baptizing him and it'll be Charlie's first time in any church (Mike is Catholic; I am a sort of 1850s American Transcendentalist).  Also his first time wearing a tie, that is assuming he consents to wear it.

Startlingly, I have not lost my mind yet.

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We have a contractor guy coming to start work on Mike's basement office/workroom tomorrow morning.  We thought he'd be starting in a couple of weeks but he had an unexpected opening in his schedule, which is great, except.  This means almost everything has to be cleared out of the office/workroom (currently the walls are made of sheets & bookcases, but it's full of real live furniture and lots o' stuff) this weekend, and put into
 the study/library/playroom, or anywhere else we can find to put it.  Also the garage had to be substantially cleared out of le junque because they will need someplace to keep drywall etc.

This is not the best day to have 1. our town decide that trick-or-treating goes from noon to eight. EIGHT hours, seriously? 2. Charlie decide that naps are for chumps, so he's not taking one no matter how badly he obviously needs one.  So the work is getting done, but the two hours we planned on both working together to get everything done quickly? Ha ha ha. No chance.  I am putting this kid to bed at 6:30 if he keeps up with the shenanigans, so at least then we'll be able to finish up together.
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We are engaged in some home improvements.  Money spendy stuff )

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