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The playroom/study/library in the front of the basement has a big metal vertical pipe right smack in the center of it, holding up the main I-beam that runs down the center of the house.  In pre-Charlie days I jokingly called this my stripper pole--it's about 3 times as big around as a conventional stripper pole, just as I am 3 times as big around as a conventional stripper.  Hrm. Anyway, now it is called the pole of doom, because while the floor has foam tile all over the place [ToysRUs has these alphabet tiles, BTW, in case you're looking to pad your kiddo's floor], the pole has just been a big head-bump hazard.  Nothing bad has happened thus far, but it's been a source of worry even when I had it kind of boxed in with cubes of foam floor tiles.

So today I went and got foam pipe insulating thingies, covered the bottom yard of the thing with 2 layers of foam, and then put a nice piece of quilted fabric around that and sewed it shut. With an actual needle and thread! And I am not collapsing into bed immediately afterwards! W00t!


This evening's activities were made possible by the generous support of the Never Touching Zyrtec Again Foundation, in partnership with the Better Sleep Through Esophageal Health Foundation, the Blood Pressure Meds Only Make You Tired For About Six Months Foundation, the Depo-Provera Can Halt Your Endometriosis Foundation, and Mobil Corporation.
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Charlie has hand, foot & mouth disease, or one of its near relatives*, and is also cutting a molar, so we have a house full o' woe, poor eating, fever, and crankiness.  And BOREDOM.  We can't take him to the usual places that distract him when he is woeful, because he might be contagious, so no grocery store, Grandma's house, or local kiddie museum; also it has rained an unreasonable amount, so even walks are Right Out.

Also, when he doesn't feel good, Mommy is his favorite blankie, so saying something like "play with Daddy while Mommy goes downstairs and takes a shower" produces wailing and gnashing of teeth.  And while he requires an unreasonable amount of coaxing to ingest anything, probably because of mouth pain, he is also hungry.  Offering him something to eat or drink has a 50-50 chance of producing a smile coupled with an attempt to eat/drink, or a scowl coupled with a beatdown of whoever dares to offer the food. 

So we've been cooped up here since THURSDAY, OMG, and I'm taking a new BP medicine that's making me sleepy so even during his naps I  have no initiative to do anything except cruise the internet.  We have watched SO much TV--Little Bear and a lot of House Hunters International, and also this annoying thing called Chuggington which Charlie just loooooves.  ("Choo choo! Choo choo!") Why are trains on kids shows always such fucking conformists? 

Anyway. He's napping now, and so is Mike, who had trouble sleeping after Charlie's 2AM festival of woe and slapping (I went right back to sleep after; fuck it).  Soon Charlie will get up and I will attempt to give him lunch and he will attempt to punish me for same....or will give me hugs and pat my hair.

I am SO looking forward to going to the grocery store this afternoon while Mike wrangles him (Mike was working Thurs and Fri while I wrangled)! Freedom, sweet freedom!

*8 kids in his room had to go home with fever; 9 counting him. One of them tested positive for HFM, and another tested positive for another virus in the same family. So, seems likely that he's in the same boat. Day care, our own little CDC, except without the "control" part.
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1. I will not be going to [ profile] think_galactic  this weekend, boo.  Persistent sinus infection is persistent, and so a weekend of rest is in order.

2.  The Chicago chapter of the Society for the Appreciation of Train Schedules* had the pleasure of meeting up with Jo Walton for dinner earlier this week.  As I was talking with one person I heard Jo say to another person, "Human society is basically good,"  which surprised me a bit. Once I tuned in properly, however, it emerged that she was talking about programming for a future con, and saying that the "Human Society" track was pretty well set for panelists, i.e. basically good.  Heh.

3. I have an asthma action plan!  I have singulair and xopanex and a peak flow meter.  I have a followup appointment in a month to see how the singulair works for me--since my asthma is mostly allergy-triggered, I am hopeful that I won't need to step up to a flovent or advair, but if I do, the clinic will hook me up.  The peak flow meter is a thing you blow into to measure your air flow.  For a person of my height/weight who does not have asthma, the expected number is about 630 on a scale of 800.  Right now mine is 400. Whee!  Really I'm supposed to measure against my own personal best, not that 630 number, but I have to wait until the sinus infection is gone to get a good measurement.   The meter is a cool thing, because it gives me an empirical basis for determining if I'm in distress, rather than just how I feel.

*me, Neil Rest, [ profile] beamjockey , [ profile] ashnistrike and Nameseeker.  Jo's train was rather late and Nameseeker's train was elusive.


Jun. 18th, 2009 07:56 pm
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