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I think I may have neglected to mention that Dragon Age: Origins is made of the awesomest awesome with awesomesauce on top. I've already played it through once and am on my second run with a different character.  

Really. It's AWESOME.
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We finished our last major move event at work--number 9--as we move our data centers out of our old corporate headquarters building, and the second building we had overflowed into over the years, and into our new fancy-schmancy building. This meant consolidating two data centers into one, and taking the opportunity to update and streamline and replace everything possible. The result is a very nice, state-of-the art data center with lots of redundancy and reliable, clean systems. And a very, very, very exhausted IT department. I still have a lot more to do, because the old creaky stuff has to be decommissioned and so forth, but the really stressful parts are done. My recent comp time has been spent on useful things like going to the doctor, meeting a lawyer to get wills made (now that we're parents it seems prudent to have a will), and doing laundry. Tuesday I have another comp day (because of having worked all day Saturday) and I plan to spend 100% of it on Dragon Age: Origins. Since this game, unlike many RPGs of its type, does not have an alignment slider to control its moral system, I don't have to worry that letting my little guy go to day care as usual instead of keeping him home for some quality mommy time, simply so I can play a video game, is evil. I'm going to call it an ambiguous moral choice and be totally ok with it. Hey, he likes day care! And he's got me to himself all day today (once he wakes from his nap)! And Dragon Age: Origins is awesome! Yesterday I got to kill a rapist and all of his guards, and walk around with their blood all over my wedding clothes. The coolest bit was that when his guards were menacing my (female) character, preparing to drag me off to their boss, my (male) cousin shows up with a giant sword...and tosses it to me so I can kill the guards, since I'm the badass in the family.

So I'm ok with stealing a day for my very own on Tuesday...very, very ok with it.
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So, once you've beaten Peggle and Peggle Nights, there are challenges and so forth that you can try for, or you can just play them again.  After a couple of challenges--which are HARD, y'all! --I figured I'd stick with playing it again.

I just cleared an entire level--I got 100% of the pegs.  This is BAD.  Now I'm trying to do it again on other levels.

Peggle is like crack.
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So apparently my DVD player, or the software that's talking to it, is the reason the Sims wouldn't install.   EA is still faily though, and I don't even mean for encouraging people to harass their booth employees.  Although that is deeply faily and infuriating.

Anyway, to get support for their stupid game with its stupid DVD full of stupid CRC errors, I created an account on their support site.  To do that I have to give it the reg code from the game.  So this creates my account and registers the game, apparently.  Although it doesn't show up in my profile as a registered game....but my profile doesn't have much clarity anyway; the site sucks.   I'm not sure you can actually view a list of your registered games, for serious.

Ok so the support forum says to do stuff to fix the DVD - dust it, defrag the C: drive, whatever. Did. It also says you can use the reg code from the game to just download the digital install package from their downloading app.  Coolness!  I install it, go to activate my game, and it says I can't because that number has been used.  I'm logged in to my account  Can't download the game with that code.

Turns out that if you've already registered the game on the support site, you can't download it through their app. Or at all. Basically, if you registered on the support site, fuck you.  And if your game wouldn't install in the first place, the likelihood that you registered on the support site?  PRETTY HIGH I THINK.

Ultimately I tried putting the DVD in Mike's PC, which is running Windows 7 (I'm on XP), and lo and behold it was able to copy files from the DVD without errors.  So either my drive is borked, or I have some software that EA doesn't like.  I shared out the folder from his system to mine and installed it without a hitch, but I'm too irritated to launch the thing, because I HATE EA SO MUCH.  They make a very small number of games that are considered essential in the Dell household but they SUCCCCKKKKKKK.

So I am playing Plants Vs. Zombies instead, because the silver trophy isn't good enough for me, and if I can get to 10 flags on that damn roof I'll get the gold trophy!!!!  Everybody needs to play this game, seriously.  10 bucks through the Steam service, or a 1-hour free demo from PopCap.

Yep, the balloon zombie drew a zombie face on his balloon.


Jul. 25th, 2009 12:26 am
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Mike bought the Sims 3 for me today, and is getting up with Charlie tomorrow morning so I can sleep in, meaning that I get to stay up late and play the Sims tonight.  Nice!

Except the fucking game won't install no matter what I do, because of CRC errors on the DVD drive, and I can't register it to download it because the automated widget says the code that came in the package is invalid, so I've been working on troubleshooting my fucking computer for two and a half fucking hours.  Troubleshooting computers is my DAY JOB, not how I should spend the one free evening I'm likely to have this week ARGH DAMNIT!  And which is now over.  "Sleeping in" around here means 9 am.

The support site says they'll answer the email I sent within 24 hours.  Fat lot of good that will do me.
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I downloaded the demo of Guild Wars, because it looks pretty and I like RPGs (Oblivion is my recent favorite; NWN1 is my all-time fave RPG, I think)  I haven't tried a MMORPG, because I'd been too busy and I have eyeball trouble that limits my game time; also I like to game solo, unless I'm playing in RL with actual people that I can interact with in a normal social way.  Um, normal geek social way, that is.  But Mike likes WOW and I've watched him play some, and the better RPGs are mostly MMO these days, so I figured I'd try GW for free, and then if that's fun I'll give WOW a whirl.

So it loaded up the first world/level/whatever, and loaded my new character, and she's standing there and there's another person standing next to her.  Then a third person runs by.  There's a button that says "chat."  My brain instantly goes, "what are these fucking people doing in MY GAME!!!!????" and I instinctively move my character off to the side away from the other people, and start hoping that I can just do a bunch of quests by myself and not have to talk to anyone.  I see the "town crier" is being marked like someone I should talk to, and my brain goes "fuck that! I'm going exploring!" but then I realize he's an NPC designed to give me my quest so I reluctantly go talk to him. 

Then my eyes get tired so I quit for the night but I don't think I'll be going back in.  There are PEOPLE in there.
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I could deal with the election being over...but now I've beaten Peggle!  There are no goals left!

Oh hey look, there's something called Peggle Nights. 

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