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So now Charlie thinks every speck on the floor is an ant. We have very old, tired, staple-hole-filled hardwood floors that spent 50 years living under a carpet before we came along. There are a lot of specks. I keep explaining to him that if it isn't moving, it probably isn't an ant, but he doesn't believe me and, to be fair, there is a non-zero chance that a speck really is an ant. It is August, after all.

C: Oh no, ant! Ant! Mommy, ant should go outside. [Pause to see if "ant" goes outside] *stomp*
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I hate when I go out to do errands after dinner and I notice I have a spot of soup on my shirt...and it's from lunch.

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1. Silly Bandz!


He had no idea what they were but he instantly wanted the whole package.

Many more pics behind the cut... )
Thanks for looking!

Sleepy Nap

Jul. 31st, 2011 09:54 pm
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Charlie: (loud screechy noises, just because)
Me: Oh, quiet sweetie, Daddy is sleeping.
Charlie: Daddy take sleepy nap?
Me: that's right, he's having a sleepy nap. Let's leave him alone so he can sleep.
Charlie: Okay Mommy! (studiously avoids the hall by our bedroom, lets Mike sleep).


Charlie: Where Mommy?
Mike: Mommy's taking a nap, Charlie. Let's be quiet so she can sleep.
Charlie: Mommy sleeping? Mommy take nap?
Mike: That's right.
Charlie: MOMMY! MOMMY! (runs into bedroom, leaps into bed next to me)
Charlie: Mommy take nap? I want blanket! I lie down! What doing, Mommy?
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Thanks to a half-price sale at the mattress store, my baby is going to have a much nicer mattress-and-boxspring-on-the-floor than Mommy and Daddy do, albeit a smaller one (standard twin size. It's being delivered on Friday, and I've spent a bunch of time today playing mental Tetris with the furniture in his room, figuring out where the thing is going to go.

I have sadface over how fast he is growing up...he's still a toddler in his personality and development, of course, but he looks and feels like a big boy and it is TOO SOON.


big, bigger, biggest boy (pix) )

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I definitely have rebound edema from discontinuing the HCTZ. But I needen't have worried about my pants not fitting. My pants are fine. It's my shoes that don't fit.

Good thing it's sandal season...
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My kid's medical situation isn't as complicated or risky as SingleDad's daughter's situation, but this is a very useful model to follow in preparing emergency documentation for a child with special needs, and I'm going to get cracking on making something like this for Charlie right away:

If your child has special medical needs that your backup people are not fully prepped for, something like this can help a lot to make sure they get what they need if you're sick or unavailable for a bit.
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So I've stopped taking HCTZ as of last night, while the new doc and I await blood test results for various things. Basically he said if I need more blood pressure correction than my low dose of lisinopril provides, I can take more lisinopril, and shouldn't need a water pill. YAY. I already feel much, much better. I walked up a flight of stairs today, when there was a perfectly good elevator right there, in fact! And I didn't pause to gather up speed first like an elderly fat cat, either.

Now it's a race to see which happens faster:

1. I lose a few pounds because of not needing a constant influx of delicious processed sugar to keep me awake and moving

2. I gain a few pounds because of starting to retain a normalish amount of water in my tissues again

My pants, and my pants budget, are hoping these things happen at a roughly equal pace.

(Note: no weight-loss advice, please)


Jul. 18th, 2011 09:55 am
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This is the first time in my life I've thought about my energy level in terms of Spoons. Normally I avoid using that word to mean anything other than a utensil, because while I have fatigue, it's typically mild. I think the spoon analogy is extremely useful for people who have debilitating fatigue, and I don't want to appropriate it for my inconveniencing-but-not-debilitating fatigue. I'm exhausted at the end of every weekday, but since every weekday involves 4 to 5 hours of hands-on parenting, 2 hours of commuting, and 7.5 hours of office work, this isn't all that shocking. I always figured if I have a day when I'm too tired to go to work, without being ill in any other way, I'll consider whether I might have a spoon problem.

Today is that day. I also have an elevated heart rate, lower-than-usual blood pressure, and leg cramps. This means my problem will probably be easily fixed with a potassium supplement--something I was taking before, but had to stop when I started Lisinopril, because Lisinopril causes potassium retention. HCTZ causes potassium loss and I take that too, so theoretically they were balancing each other out.* However, that thing a couple of months ago where I decided to stop eating ALL legumes, and my allergies got so much better? I suspect that threw the balance off. Anyway, I am seeing the doctor this afternoon, and I hope he will fix me right up. If not, and if this continues, then I guess I'll start counting spoons. For now I'm just going to enjoy the unplanned time off, and eat a lot of bananas.

*As I've probably mentioned before, my whole experience of taking multiple medications reminds me of the time on the Simpsons where Homer has freshwater fish and a lobster sharing a fish tank--he alternates adding salt and adding fresh water until they're all floating on their sides, and since none of them is all the way upside-down/dead, it's a win.
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A personal pulse oximeter is the best gadget ever invented, judging by the last two weeks in my family, anyway.

I bought it to monitor my asthma but it hasn't told me a darn thing about that yet--I'm always at 98 or 99 percent. Either this means I am fine, or that it's not very sensitive--there are expensive ones that the hospital calibrates for you but I don't have a serious enough case of asthma to go that route (yet anyway).

But! It helped us to decide, in a timely fashion, to send one elder family member to the hospital because of a slow heartbeat (they are now recovering nicely after some chemical tinkering). And when it showed my pulse as a way-too-high 108 yesterday, I was able to add that to some other symptoms (Charley horses HURT like whoa! I had kinda forgotten until the other night) and figured out what's been causing my recent fatigue. A couple of bananas and a gatorade later, I seem to have enough potassium in my system to function within normal parameters, for today anyway. (I'll be seeing the doctor tomorrow).

Anyway, it's a small gadget that shines a light through your finger and measures how dark your blood is, as well as taking your pulse, and it costs about $35. You can get one at any drug store that sells medical supplies. If you can spare the money, I definitely recommend it for anyone with non-critical but pesky heart & lung situations, particularly if there is more than one person in your family answering that description. (Critical situations probably call for the more expensive models, unfortunately, because they're a lot more accurate, particularly on the blood oxygen count).
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Is there an Ipad app that will edit MS Word documents without totally borking them?

If it can fix a couple of tricky past/present tense problems in my almost-finished story that would be a plus.
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Have you had the chocolate chip cookies at McDonalds? They're awesome and 3 for a buck and you should go get some. Although based on this morning's McD's experience maybe I need to change up my morning energy boost occasionally.

Me, in McDs drive thru: Can I get an egg McMuffin, three chocolate chip cookies, and...
McDs order-taker: a large Diet Coke with extra ice?

Cashier at window (not the order taker)(LOLing): she's got you figured pretty good, huh?
Me: more people should have cookies for breakfast!
Cashier: yeah, not so many do that. Have a nice day!


Jul. 12th, 2011 09:47 pm
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I've just started taking a vitamin that's a rapid-dissolve-put-under-your-tongue type of pill.  So when I dump all of the pills out of my pill minder to take them for the evening, I start by putting that one under my tongue wait for it to dissolve. It's not bad tasting, and it's very small--a teeny, round pink pill.

One of my two blood pressure meds is also a teeny round pink pill.  Designed for swallowing.

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Length of toddler/crib mattress: 52"
Length of Charlie: 41"

Of course our crib mattress is a fancy hypoallergenic organic thing, bought during his terrible eczema situation. Now his allergies and breathing etc are all controlled, so maybe I don't have to pay top dollar for a fancy hypoallergenic twin mattress! Woo! However I do have to buy a whole fricking new bed for a just-turned-three year old, grumble. I suppose I should go for the extra long 80" twin since he'll probably be needing the extra leg room by the time he's 5 or 6....
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Dear self:

When you think you see your child drop a half-prune on the floor, but then when you walk over to clean it up, there is mysteriously no half-prune on the floor, and then later when you notice your shoe is sticking to the foot-rest rung of your chair, DO THE MATH.  *BEFORE* walking all over the house, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
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I've been increasingly fatigued lately, and just chalked it up to generic tiredness--lack of sleep, too much work stress.  I have always had the habit of leaning on nearby furniture when standing up for a long time, but in the past three weeks I've taken to also sidling up to walls so I can lean against them.  This is much harder to do in a casual way than leaning against a desk, particularly in an open-plan office, so I've had to explain that I'm tired a couple of times to people.

Then a couple of days ago I was playing trains on the floor with Charlie, which involves sitting on the rug and pushing a train on a track and saying "choo choo."  He supplies all the enthusiasm and I don't need to budge from the same spot while playing, so it's hardly a taxing endeavor.  But I found myself feeling exhausted and also very bored--like, really wanting to get up, move around, put on laundry, and do some other kinetic things.  That seemed strange to me, because my internal "I'm lazy" narrative would suggest that sitting on the floor would be my preferred activity when I'm tired.

So I checked my breathing with my peak flow meter and found myself in the yellow zone - that is, the zone that says it's time to use an inhaler.  No coughing, no wheezing, no symptoms that I've ever recognized as asthma symptoms.  Damn it!  And looking back I see a pattern of increasing tiredness for the past two months--basically, starting a month after I went off my inhaled steroid.  Google tells me that atypical asthma symptoms include sighing, anxiety attacks, fatigue, lack of concentration...I've spent a couple of months wondering if I'm depressed, but since my mood has been fine it's been very puzzling. Until now.  

So it seems that I may have this low-level constant pre-attack thing happening. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow night to ask if I can go back on my steroid, and I'm taking a dose tonight because I'm pretty sure she's gonna say yes.

Normally I try not to be irritated with loved ones for unknowingly harming me, but I have to admit I'm irritated right now with all five of the smoking family members I shared a home with as a child. Grumble grumble passive smoke grumble.
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If I am driving and someone yells "hey, asshole! You've got a flat tire!" at me, I will be upset by their rudeness and may mark them down on my mental list of people I don't like, but I will also immediately look at my tire to see if it's flat, and if necessary I will pull over and put the spare tire on.  Because the substance of what they said matters more than how they said it.

If I am having a discussion and someone says "hey, asshole, that's racist," or something similarly rude, and I get upset by their rudeness *without* stopping to examine my own words or actions in light of their accusation of racism, that would mean that I care more about a flat tire than about whether I'm perpetuating racism.

It's not that I think rudeness is awesome.  But it's a lot more awesome than racism, and if a particular discussion can only focus on one or the other--as is so often the case--it's better to focus on racism.

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