Jan. 18th, 2012

marydell: (charlie-sillybandz)

Charlie: I want go downstairs [to the playroom]
Me: No, we have to get ready for school.
Charlie: I want go downstairs!
Me: No.
Charlie: I want go downstairs.
Me: I said no. Stop asking.
Charlie: I want go downstairs.
Me: Ok, who's the boss?
Charlie: (thinks for a moment) You boss, Mommy.
Me: That's right.
Charlie: I want go downstairs.

Charlie: (discovers my watches in my jewelry box) Clocks! I want clocks.
Me: (puts 4 watches on his wrist while he waits patiently) Ok, you can try them on, be careful, those are Mommy's watches.
Charlie: no, these Charlie's clocks! (runs off with them)

Me: (heading to bed around midnight, finding Charlie waiting by the stairs for me) Charlie, why are you up? Do you need the potty?
Charlie: (delighted smile) Hi, Mommy! I got up!!
Me: Ok, let's go back to bed, it's the middle of the night.
Charlie: Oh, I can't sleep NOW, Mommy! (Proceeds to stay awake for 2 hours)

Me: Take off your [Mickey Mouse] shirt, here's a clean shirt
Charlie: No, I wear Mickey
Me: That shirt is dirty, Charlie, you need to put on a clean shirt (shows him clean shirt)
Charlie: (grabs clean shirt, rubs it on the side of his head) It dirty! It dirty now (flings clean shirt away).

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